Dr. Dení Ramírez Macías 
Instagram: @deni.ramirez.macias

Director and researcher of Whale Shark México, she has the vision to promote and contribute to ocean conservation and sustainability by the integration of scientific research, sustainable management, environmental education and inter-institutional collaboration. She started the study of the whale shark in the Gulf of California and continues with research. Over the past ten years she has built, with a group of colleagues, a whale shark network in the Gulf of California, and surrounding areas with the vision to promote regional conservation of the species. Her research continues to focus on the migratory patterns of whale sharks in the Gulf of California and surrounding areas. She collaborated with ecOceánica, an NGO from Peru, in the baseline research of this country with the aim to see if there is any connectivity between Mexico and Peru, and generate a regional conservation plan. Dení has been working closely with the Mexican government in its program to manage and conserve the whale sharks in Mexican waters. Currently in Mexico, there are three protected areas based on the whale shark (one in Quintana Roo, Los Angeles Bay and La Paz Bay in the Gulf of California) and her research has been used in these protection management plans. Dení has presented her research at numerous International Conferences. Her research is also part of a film on Nat Geo, and Chinese television. Dení grew up enjoying and loving the ocean and her passion has always been conservation. She believes that the conservation of whale sharks can help to promote the conservation of other endangered species and the ocean. As a scientist, she believes that knowledge is fundamental for conservation. Review her scientist work https://shark-references.com/literature/listByAuthor/RAMIREZ-MACIAS-D.).

Alberto García Baciero (a.k.a. Beto)
Director ejecutivo / Executive director
Instagram: @eltiburonmolon

Originally from a landlocked area such as Madrid (Spain), Beto developed his interest and a passion for marine life, particularly for sharks, as of watching documentaries on TV. He took a discover scuba diving experience at the age of 12, and immediately fell in love with the ocean. Since he graduated in Biology in 2014, Beto has worked in several marine conservation projects in Costa Rica and Malaysia. His conservation journey started in a remote location within the jungle of Costa Rica where he worked on sea turtle nesting beaches aiming at protecting Leatherback, Green, Hawksbill and Olive Ridley sea turtles. In 2017, Beto started working in a sea turtle conservation project in Tioman island (Malaysia), where he implemented a sea turtle photo-identification program and boosted the creation of a coral reef monitoring and conservation program. After spending quite some time back home due to the past Covid-19 pandemic, Beto moved to La Paz in 2021 to study a master’s degree in marine resources management. Because of his motivation, he also started collaborating with Whale Shark Mexico, and that became an open door for him to go back to the front line of marine conservation. At last, he is now fulfilling his childhood dreams of protecting and working for sharks. Additionally, Beto is an experienced SCUBA diver and divemaster who has been diving in some of the most beautiful and diverse dive sites around the world.

Beto is now working as the project´s Executive Director and is in charged of the field work, research projects, and the volunteer program.

Siddharta Velazquez Hernandez (Sidd)
Captain Pilot Aviator R.
Instagram: @oceanlifeflights1977

Aviator pilot graduated from the Mexican Air Force, graduated as a deputy pilot aviator in 1998 and belonging to Generation 58 of the Military Aviation School. In 2004, he finished his services at the FAM to pursue his dream and dedicate himself to conservation flights in the Sea of ​​Cortes. The cap. Siddharta is a pioneer in the operations of Hydroplanes in Mexico and currently has more than 5700: 00 flight hours, mostly carried out in the Peninsula of Baja California Sur. He has collaborated in NGOs and research institutions in the Gulf of California, supporting projects of Whale Sharks, Blue Whales, Orcas, Physalus, Sperm whales, Humpback and Turtles, (to mention some of the great variety of species he has worked with). At the moment it continues residing in La Paz BCS where I create a small tourist company dedicated to panoramic and conservation flights, as well as guide in diving, kayaking and snorkeling expeditions

Jorge Mendoza
Scientific advisor

Originally from the Canary Islands archipelago in the Atlantic Ocean, Jorge graduated in Biology and then undertook an international master’s degree in marine Ecology and Conservation. Jorge believes science is our best asset to establish the proper management necessary for marine conservation. He started conducting research early in his career and has worked in several locations for which he has a wide network of contacts.

Jorge is assisting the NGO on scientific projects.