Would you like to be part of us and experience the best vitamin sea? Be a citizen science…which is the “public participation in scientific research,» and a life time experience with our whale sharks and team!

“One of the best experiences I made at this time in my life as a university student was in whale shark management in Baja California Sur, Mexico in Bahia de la Paz” –Javier Cadilla 2019 Intern

Looking for a life-changing esperience?
-Lifelong friendships
Need a break from your desk job?
-Incomparable experiences
Want to improve your research skills & build your CV?
-Critical fieldwork skills


We are looking for diverse, motivated and hard-working volunteers who are passionate about conservation, interested in the field monitoring of whale sharks and an opportunity to gain unique experience that will provide valuable skills for a career in marine conservation.

Our research is focuses on:


P.S. Here´s a fun fact: We have identified around 1000 whale shark on the Mexican Pacific!

Here is the result of our work after 2016-2017 season

Due to the popular demand, WSM has created two unique experiences tailored to meet the needs of early career scientist and passionate conservationist:

Interested in joining or team, but can’t spend 2+ months at WSM? Join the WSM program has a volunteer!

Looking for more intensive field and scientific experience? Then the WSM Intern experience is for you!

Join to Whale Shark México Research Program today and gain unparalleled hands-on experience working with sharks in the field.

WSM offers two unique experiences for Volunteers and Interns. Volunteers provide us with essential field support while Interns become an integral part of daily research operations. Work with our team as we conduct groundbreaking and exciting research on sharks and ocean ecosystems in the amazing aquarium of the world! The Sea of Cortez!

As a small team, we work to ensure you get the most out of your experience on the WSM Research Program. You will spend days at sea, assist with whale shark tagging/sampling, help with ecological surveys, conduct whale sharks behavioral monitoring, contribute to database management and data analysis, and so much more.

No matter which experience you choose, when you join the WSM Research Program we guarantee you will walk away with a life-changing, tailored and intimate shark science experience.

Are you taking holidays in La Paz and only have time for one day trip but want to support us? Take a research trip with us.