Schools, restaurants and local from La Paz city recycled around 12000 plastic bottles to make this 10 m whale shark sculpture.

Environmental education. For Whale Shark Mexico, environmental education is key to the conservation of a threatened species like whale sharks. Therefore, every year we participate in several presentations at all school levels, from kindergarten through high school and for the general public, giving talks at convention centers, museums, cafes and restaurants, among others. We carry out various activities using whale shark models, sculptures, paintings or paint stories as teaching materials in our presentations. The future is our hands by involving people and next generation.

Bringing next generation on a Whale Shark Expedition. In collaboration with Ecology Project International, each year we integrate in our monitoring young school of the City of La Paz, where young people receive a presentation on the species before participating in research. They learn the importance of research and conservation of whale sharks and their habitat, then accompany whale shark researchers in their activities.


Whale Shark Ambassadors aims to create a network of local people focused on disseminating information about the species and its vulnerable situation so that the habitants of the La Paz city get involved in its protection!

It was an idea that emerged in October 2017 with RED Turismo Sustentable and Teach for México. Anyone who wants to help protect the whale sharks can become an ambassador, either through voluntary activities, carrying out projects or simply disseminating information about the species and the situation in which it is found.

We need the people of La Paz to turn to see this species that lives here in our bay. It is in danger of extinction and we must all be involved in its protection to become proudly a city that values and protects the other living beings that coexist with us. We can be an example of a responsible destiny.

Tribute to the whale shark. Whale Shark Mexico and collaborators hosted every year the tribute for the whale sharks in La Paz!! To make it an exceptional event, people formed a 20 meter long human figure of the whale shark. Over 334 of all ages, kids, youngsters, parents, as well as several schools and organizations participated in the event. Recreational activities, contests and conferences took place in order to promote knowledge about the whale sharks’ biology, habitat and conservation status.