Javier Cadilla
Puerto Rico

“One of the best experiences I made at this time in my life as a university student was in whale shark management in Baja California Sur, Mexico in Bahia de la Paz. Thanks to the Whale Shark Mexico program and its director Dení Ramírez who gave me the opportunity to learn about these fascinating species that are whale sharks. We managed to learn work methods in photo identification with programs such as I3S and in addition to observation work when receiving tourism with the whale shark and taking behavioral data.

I take one of the best experiences with this species, which I know will be a lot of learning to share knowledge later with colleagues in Puerto Rico. This program is one of the best preparations that provides freedom for students or volunteers to learn a lot about this species, in addition to all the opportunities you can have in this beautiful bay full of so many species to learn and do conservation work at levels of Studies, additional to all the culture of this beautiful country. Majestic species that give us something to learn every day, it really takes me from the best experiences with whale sharks. Thanks to Whale Shark Mexico for the opportunity to allow me to learn and have a new experience in my development as a student. I know that it will be of great help in my professional growth in the field of marine biology. I look forward to realizing this opportunity again at some point in my university career. ”