Education & Events

For Whale Shark Mexico, environmental education is key to the conservation of a threatened species like whale sharks. Therefore, every year we participate in several presentations at all school levels, from kindergarten through high school and for the general public, giving talks at convention centers, museums, cafes and restaurants, among others. And by participating in educational festivals.


We carry out various events involving local people.

Whale Shark Mexico and collaborators hosted the first choyero (name people from La Paz are commonly referred as), tribute for the whale shark, for being a representative animal for all choyeros, and a patrimony or us all. It took place in April the 16th of 2016 in El Mogote, La Paz B.C.S. Over 250 of all ages, kids, youngsters, parents, as well as several schools and organizations participated in the event. Recreational activities, contests and conferences took place in order to promote knowledge about the whale shark´s biology, habitat and conservation status. To make it an exceptional event, people formed a 20 meter long human figure of the whale shark.



In 2008, during the 2th Whale Shark International Conference – where representatives from over 40 countries- agreed that august 30 is the International Whale Shark day. This day should be dedicated to celebrating whale sharks, promoting their conservation, and educating the public about them.


In 2001 Whale Shark México throw to Conciencia México celebrated the whale shark international day involving school from La Paz city (400 children); the main was the construction of a 10 m whale shark sculpture make by recycled material. The event was celebrated on the esplanade of the Conchalito mangrove, with the main to educated about the relation that exist between the mangrove and the whale shark.

The sculpture was possible for the wit of civil engineer Felipe Morales who design the geodesic sculpture, and the art of Rodrigo Rocha who design the scale model.

So far this sculpture was in 3 events. Each time we involved around 400 been in total around 1200. The kids cover the sculpture with the recycled bottles and learned about the importance to protect the whale sharks and its habitat and feel proud to have these gentle giants in La Paz Bay!


Human sculpture

An adult whale shark figure was formed with the help of 123 assistants and volunteers, this human sculpture was photographed from air by Carlos Aguilera photographer. This with the goal of sensitizing and promoting the conservation of this species.


EXPO: Giants in La Paz Bay: The Whale Shark

In collaboration with photographer Carlos Aguilera held a very successful event in the city of La Paz Mexico. A photographic exhibition called “Giants in La Paz Bay: The Whale Shark” with 9 billboard sized photos of our whale sharks taken by Carlos during our research and 4 informative posters made by Whale Shark Mexico were presented along with a presentation by Dení Ramírez to over 400 people.

The enthusiastic crowd, which including both children and adults, asked many questions and were glad to know that research and conservation of whale sharks is happening in their own backyard. The exhibition has been in different places in La Paz City.