By adopting one of our whale sharks you will not only be contributing to whale shark research, but just as importantly, to their conservation. For its conservation we: In 2006, in collaboration with the Mexican government, the rules for whale shark interactions were generated. Since 2009, and in collaboration with the Mexican government, we have been training the staff of the tourist companies to promote the rules. We placed billboards in marinas of La Paz city detailing the rules and…

Research Trips

Would you like to be part of the research trips? Learn about the research field in La Paz Bay and enjoy the Whale Shark Mexico team! Cost: $85 USD includes snorkel equipment, drinks and snacks and helps support the monitoring field work. The field work is from 9 to 1 and dates. You can book using the following link Contact: Cell phone + 52 612 15 90582

Education & Events

EXPO: Giants in La Paz Bay: The Whale Shark In collaboration with photographer Carlos Aguilera held a very successful event in the city of La Paz Mexico. A photographic exhibition called “Giants in La Paz Bay: The Whale Shark” with 9 billboard sized photos of our whale sharks taken by Carlos during our research and 4 informative posters made by Whale Shark Mexico were presented along with a presentation by Dení Ramírez to over 400 people. The enthusiastic crowd, which…

Flyer Whale Shark
Whaleshark MéxicoWhale Shark México, a project within the nonprofit organization ConCiencia Mexico, is dedicated to research, conservation, education and sustainable management of these charismatic giants, based in and around Baja California Mexico, with its main office in La Paz City. This part of the world is one of the few places globally where researchers can monitor both aggregations of juvenile whale sharks (less then 7m) and large pregnant female shark (over 9m) on a seasonal basis. Whale shark Mexico is proud to be responsible for a continuous monitoring program documenting the distribution & abundance of the species in the waters around Mexico.  Our mission is to facilitate conservation through research and education, and to promote the sustainable use of Mexico’s natural resources for both the natural environment & the local communities for years to come.